Overall Reflection

Reflection is important within education, clinical practice and lifelong learning (Taylor, 2008; Mann et al., 2009). With most of the learning reflections being sporadic through the course, Larson et al., (2016) found that daily reflections aided in student development and learning. This could have been encouraged during our studies as a lot of the learning … Continue reading Overall Reflection


Pathophysiology Assignment

Understanding the biological changes during injury or disease is an important element for veterinary physiotherapists (Veenman, 2006). The assignment looked at our ability to understand the changes during biological repair and also our skill in critically analysing scientific research papers.  The assignment required a lot of reading around the subject. This was required so I … Continue reading Pathophysiology Assignment

Anatomy Knowledge

Anatomy knowledge within veterinary physiotherapy is of great importance (Paulekas and Haussler, 2009). It allows you to correctly read veterinary notes, locate the anatomical problem, link secondary conditions and help to evaluate gait against biomechanical markers (Veenman, 2006). Having had a considerable amount of time out of education the thought of having to relearn anatomy, … Continue reading Anatomy Knowledge

Legislation Reflection

Legislation is an important element within any profession (Hartley and Sampson, 2016). It provides codes of practice and regulations to ensure guidelines and legislation are adhered to for both the professional and the owner (Catley et al., 2004). Veterinary Physiotherapists fall under the The Veterinary Surgery (Exemptions) Order 1962 and The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. These … Continue reading Legislation Reflection

Scientific Aspect of Animal Welfare. Nosebands and rein tension – Do they have an effect on equine performance and welfare?

The fitting of a noseband is currently subject to much discussion and it is evident that the fundamental issues lie in the fact there are no guidelines or legislation to govern the application of the noseband as a piece of tack. Excessive noseband pressure in horses has been raised as an issue potentially affecting welfare, … Continue reading Scientific Aspect of Animal Welfare. Nosebands and rein tension – Do they have an effect on equine performance and welfare?

Initial Animal Handling Skills

Practical handling is an integral part of Veterinary Physiotherapy, safe and correct handling procedures are essential to the welfare of both animal and human to safeguard their welfare. Reflecting upon performance is concerned with consciously looking at and thinking about our experiences, actions, feelings and responses and then interpreting or analysing them in order to … Continue reading Initial Animal Handling Skills