Pathophysiology Assignment

inflammation cells

Understanding the biological changes during injury or disease is an important element for veterinary physiotherapists (Veenman, 2006). The assignment looked at our ability to understand the changes during biological repair and also our skill in critically analysing scientific research papers. 

The assignment required a lot of reading around the subject. This was required so I could gain a good understanding of the content before beginning to critically review. Reading I find is a weakness. I struggle to read well and when a lot of reading is required I often find procrastination more appealing, although I know this could result in a more stressful working environment (Klassen et al., 2008).

I work much better under pressure so therefore, I left the writing of the assignment to the last minute. This tends to have better results for me (Diseth, 2003). As this was our first formative assignment hand in, upon reflection of the event I have concluded that I need to adjust my time management skills, as this will provide extra proof reading time and for me to be able to make any adjustments before the hand in.

I found, once I started the assignment it very interesting. The different phases of repair for a tendon were more detailed than I thought and I enjoyed researching about the different rehabilitation techniques during each phase, to help optimum repair time. This assignment has a direct impact upon us as professionals as the content was highly relevant to industry and the type of injuries I will be working with as a veterinary physiotherapist (Kaneps, 2016).

From this assignment I have to develop my time management for assignment writing and to give myself more time to read. Hoping that reading when not under so much pressure will help my ability to read and configure the information (Enos, 2010). My PDP will be updated with relevant targets for developing these skills.


Reference List


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3 thoughts on “Pathophysiology Assignment

  1. I really like the clear, easy to follow layout you have used Phillipa, Navigation is is very easy around your blog! I think your write up about yourself is also very personal and allows the reader to feel they know you a little more. this could be helped by the use of more photos i feel. I love the slide show right at the bottom of the page but this could potentially be missed by some visitors. Iv also found your reflections helpful to read as they seem truthful, personal and honest so look forward to reading more. Rebecca Graham


  2. Hey! Your website comes across as very professional, in addition, the images drew me in immediately and really prompted me to investigate further. I’ve really enjoyed reading your reflections and feel that they are very well written and you seem very in touch with your abilities and where you would like to build on them. I look forward to following your journey further!


  3. Hi Philippa,

    Really good choice of application to use for your blog, wordpress, in my opinion, provides the most professional appearance for a public blog.

    As you know I can empathise with your time constraint issue; trying to manage full-time teaching and work required for this degree can be testing at times. However, your PDP is very well-structured allocating time appropriately to different tasks. I’m sure you will be able to manage your time effectively and will successfully complete this course with all that necessary reading under your belt!

    Great job!

    FJ x


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