Internal Placement Day

Kunter et al., (2003),suggest that teacher enthusiasm has a powerful impact on learning. This was evident from the internal placement day. The enthusiasm from Halina certainly had a positive impact upon how I now look at the course and my learning. Sukhwal (2015) states that students’ enthusiasm also depends on how much interest students possess in their academic field. Using (Schön, 1991) reflection on action model I have a new and inspired passion and understanding of the association and profession as a whole after the internal placement day.

Tombs (2016), speaks about the soft skills required for Veterinary Physiotherapy: communication skills required for communicating with the vet, owners and other professionals. Other skills described as being needed are dedication, determination, enthusiasm, professionalism and being able to have an ability to make decisions. Having these soft skills will give me a more competitive advantage (Schulz, 2008) but also links to the organisation wanting to have the best candidates representing them (Robes, 2012).

Looking forward, the internal placement day has helped to inform me of future actions, which are going to prove essential with developing my skills into becoming a clinical practitioner. The areas identified needed for up skilling will be transferred into my Personal Development Plan (PDP) so that the actions are live, this will also allow me to keep an accurate track upon my progression (Higher Education Academy, 2007). Having a more detailed knowledge of soft tissue repair and the healing response will have a positive impact upon therapy (Watson, 2016). Also having a broad knowledge of pathophysiology and neurology of veterinary diseases and a very accurate knowledge of veterinary anatomy and physiology is going to prove crucial when assessing and treating animals with both medical and underlying medical conditions (Tombs, 2016).

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